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  • Added July 16, 2021BSA Releases Updated Guide to Advancement for 2021:*492l8p*_ga*MTEyODc1MjYwNS4xNjI2NDUyMDA0*_ga_20G0JHESG4*MTYyNjQ1MjAwNC4xLjAuMTYyNjQ1MjAwNC42MA.. Significant Changes

    Almost every section of this guide has received some minor or major revisions since the last edition. Readers are encouraged to carefully review the entire guide, especially those topics frequently referenced. In particular, the following sections merit close review:

    Section 4 – Mechanics of Advancement

    Section 7 – The Merit Badge Program

    Section 8 – Boards of Review: An Overview for All Ranks

    Section 9 – The Eagle Scout Rank

    Section 10 – Advancement for Members with Special Needs

    Index – (Much improved and expanded)


  • Added June 21, 2021: Calling all Merit Badge Counselors . . . (excerpt from GGAC eNews June 16, 2021):

    You may be at risk of being de-listed from the official list of Merit Badge Counselors. Council recently sent an email to all known Council Merit Badge Counselors inviting them to renew as counselors. For those not responding, their accreditation as MBCs will be cancelled at the end of June, and their names will no longer appear in Scoutbook as registered and trained counselors. If you wish to continue as a counselor, please respond. If you did not receive an email, first check your Junk Mail folder. Still nothing? Then contact MBC DEAN to resend the notice.

    Merit Badge Counselor Dean’s email:
  • Added June 15, 2021: please check out and share the newly released (as of the date indicated to the left) COVID-19 update and guidance from the Council here:



  • Added May 14, 2021: Important Summer Camp Information 2021.
    • The email (which has been converted to a pdf link) above was sent to all registrants of GGAC Summer Camp 2021 based off the Black Pug registration system. Some of the people who receive this email will include those who may have had an error receiving their email OR did not register for Summer Camp this year. However, there is important information about COVID-19 protocols, what you would need to bring, and conditions for Campers and Drivers to be permitted to camp such as acceptable negative COVID-19 tests (within 72 hours of arrival to camp OR proof of COVID-19 vaccination (copy is permitted).
  • YPT Barriers to Abuse Clarification for Program Requirements

“Q. Can a leader bring their Scouts BSA son or daughter to an opposite gender troop activity?

A. No. Scouts BSA program integrity requires single gender units and single gender buddy pairs.

In our single-gender Scouts BSA Troops, program activities such as meetings and campouts (where there is an expectation the only 

attendees will be youth and their adult leaders) this barrier creates a safer and more productive environment by limiting participation to youth of only one gender. Other activities intended to include family members of both genders, such as award ceremonies, Courts of Honor, and fundraisers may include both male and female youth and adult visitors.”

Note: the activity that is done is important to the interpretation (as is “troop”). When conducting in-person Linked Troop (Boy/Girl Troops) meetings, different times and/or different rooms are acceptable. Common announcements would be okay as well, then simply adjourn to different rooms for hands-on activities. Please contact for further inquiries.
  • Added February 3, 2021: Here are the nomination forms for the 2020 Unit Scouter of the Year and the District Award of Merit: